A.M.A. Artistici Marmi Apuani was born in Carrara in 1962. Crossroads of marble sculptors of international renown, after fifty years the company is still family-run and goes on keeping a high artistic level in the production by the only use of traditional techniques of sculptural crafts.

Artistic Marble Sculpture

lavorazione artistica del marmo ama-marble.it

We have been working in the artistic marble production for 50 years. We go on realising each work by the traditional technique of the fixing points from the model, which allows us to realise any type of marble sculpture in the requested dimensions (from 50 cm. height to 4 mt.) with natural or aged finishing.

Sculpture courses


By its 50 years experience in the artistic marble working, the A.M.A. workshop offers stages of artistic marble sculptures with qualified tutors and a series of interesting collateral activities aiming to create an integrated formation process: “Marble Carving”.