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Our history

Arturo Martini e Carlo Andrei

Carlo Andrei con Arturo Martini

A.M.A. Artistici Marmi Apuani was born in Carrara in 1962 and it becomes immediately a crossroads of marble sculptors of international renown, thanks to the trust placed in its founder , the ornamentalist Carlo Andrei helped by his son Mario.
Carlo, already ornamentist at Nicoli workshop, becomes partner of the same firm, after having learnt the moulding practice at the Arts and Crafts School at Carrara Academy of Fine Arts.
At that time the Carrara workshop, placed in Piazza XXVII Aprile, counts the presence of Arturo Martini, sculptor for whom Andrei works long deserving his full confidence.
He establishes lasting business relations with many world–wide renown artists who avail themselves of his abilities. Among the artists Andrei has worked for, great names are to be counted, such as: Henry Moore, Giovanni Duprè, Alberto Viani, Carlo Sergio Signori, Floriano Bodini, Giuliano Vangi, Hans Arp, Jean-Robert Iposteguy, Jesper Neergaard, Emma De Sigaldi, Etienne Desmet.
Many of them, among them Signori, Jesper Neergaard and Etienne Desmet, will follow him in his new workshop called A.M.A., placed in Via delle Pinete in Marina di Carrara where since 1985 they have been going on working with his homonymous nephew Carlo.

Carlo Andrei Carrara

Carlo Andrei, 2013

A.M.A. today

After fifty years the firm, still family-run, goes on keeping a high artistic level in the production by the only use of traditional techniques of sculptural crafts.
Besides keeping the traditional sculpture work (modern, classical, religious) also the design, the flooring and covering fields have been developed, always trying to keep high the artistic level in the production.

In particular exhibition spaces we show unique pieces of contemporary art, some classical copies realised from models, bronzes in limited pulling, fountains, columns and original pieces of furniture.
In order to promote the culture of the artistic marble working A.M.A. organises sculpture stages suited both those who want to approach to this matter for the first time and those professionals who desire to get deeper knowledge.

Esterno Laboratorio AMA Carrara -

Esterno Laboratorio AMA, 2013

Posa di "Coeur" di Desmet 

Interno Laboratorio AMA, 2013 

Attrezzi del mestiere 

Calchi in gesso 


Utensili per scultura artigianale 

Banco da lavoro, 2013 

Elaborazione punto a punto, 2013