Artistic Marble Sculpture

We have been working in the artistic marble production for 50 years.
We go on realising each work by the traditional technique of the fixing points from the model, which allows us to realise any type of marble sculpture in the requested dimensions (from 50 cm. height to 4 mt.) with natural or aged finishing.
So A.M.A. can realise art works of classical, modern, and religious sculpture, furnishings, funerary art, floorings, coverings and mosaics, all in a craft way and made to order.

Sculptors of international renown (such as Augustin Cardenas, Jesper Neergaard and Etienne Desmet) have made use of A.M.A. workshop to realise their works destined to adorn parks, squares and buildings throughout the world.

Floorings - Coverings and Mosaics

A.M.A. workshop realises from sketches: floorings, coverings and mosaics in all marble and stone variety.

Funerary Art

In our artistic production also the funerary art represents an important part. A.M.A. workshop realises marble sculptured portraits from pictures, modern and classical monuments, temples, niches, urns, chapels, tombstones and others upon request.

Furnishings - Design - Objects

Among the various artistic realisations in marble, in the last years A.M.A. workshop has included also the production of furnishings such as fireplaces, columns (up to 4 mt. height), capitals, bases for tables, tables and block sinks. This kind of activity has developed also in the interior design field by the creation of a wide assortment of objects in marble. They are outright unique pieces, craft made both in classical and modern styles, ranging from lamps, obelisks, candle sticks and vases of all form and size.


Religious sculpture

A.M.A. workshop works in the field of the religious sculpture, making also the installation on site of what is realised. We realise sculptures, altars, ambos, holy-water fonts, baptismal fonts, columns, capitals, balusters, bas-reliefs mosaics, floorings and panellings.

Jeddah - COEUR

Modern Sculpture

Since ever the A.M.A. workshop follows the evolution of the contemporary marble sculpture, realising works of modern sculpture. Strong in the several years and consolidated experience in the marble working field, today the production of the modern sculptures has become one of our most important activities.

Classical Sculpture

We have been working in the artistic marble working field for more than fifty years and in this long history the classical sculpture has represented an important point of our production.