Classical Sculpture

We have been working in the artistic marble working field for more than fifty years and in this long history the classical sculpture has represented an important point of our production.
We go on realising expert classical sculptures by the traditional technique of the fixing points from the model or eventually enlargements by the compass technique.
In order to obtain the best result we treat the commission stages of the clay and plaster model up to the 1:1 scale production, that reduces 100% the margin of error in the marble reproduction stage.
In order to let our customers to obtain the exact copy of the famous classical works, we are in direct contact with the best italian galleries of plaster casts which keep the original plaster copies of the sculptures of the most renown museums in all over the world.
We can realise any type of marble sculpture in the requested dimensions with natural or aged finishing .

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Venere di Milo e Ebe 

Statua in marmo di Carrara 

Statua, Abbazia di Montecassino 

Busto Cicerone 

Laocoonte in marmo di Carrara 

Statua in marmo di Carrara  

Testa di cavallo in marmo di Carrara 

Bassorilievo classico 

Copia Leone del Canova 

Capitello ionico 

Testa di cavallo in marmo di Carrara 

Busto giovane Cesare 

Statua angelo fanciullo 

Statua Mercurio marmo di Carrara 

Statua Davide  

Amore e psiche in marmo di Carrara 

Statua puttini 

Colonna in marmo di Carrara 

Statua Afrodite 

Copia de Le tre Grazie del Canova 

Bassorilievo classico 

Vaso classico 

Stemma in marmo di Carrara 

Capitello Corinzio in marmo di Carrara 

Statua di Venere 

Statua femminile classica 

Busto Laocoonte in marmo di Carrara 

Copia vasca con putto 

Vasi classici 

Statua di Venere 

Statua di Venere