Religious sculpture


A.M.A. workshop works in the field of the religious sculpture, making also the installation on site of what is realised.
We realise sculptures, altars, ambos, holy-water fonts, baptismal fonts, columns, capitals, balusters, bas-reliefs mosaics, floorings and panellings.
Among our most important works, there is the realisation of the first statue in White Carrara Marble representing Pope Giovanni Paolo II (2,50 mt. height), in 1999.
The sculpture was commissioned by the Archbishop of Salerno for the inauguration of New Metropolitan Seminary in Salerno, in which square it wiil be erected. The sculpture was treated with particular care throughout the various working phases, from the clay to the plaster mould and finally to the realisation in Marble, starting from the pictures provided from the Holy State , in order to be as faithful as possible to the image of the Holy Father.

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Statua San Vincenzo, Cagliari 

Statua Giovanni Paolo II in marmo di Carrara 

Busto Papa Giovanni Paolo II 

Busto Papa Giovanni 

Particolare, Copia San Paolo 

Statua San Giovanni 

Copia Pietà di Michelangelo 

St. Patrick Hilloftara 

Copia San Paolo 

Statua di Papa Giovanni Paolo II 

Bassorilievi in marmo di Carrara 

Acquasantiera di marmo rosa  



Stemma papale 


Bassorilievo La Sacra Famiglia 

Posa del Monumento Faiano 

Statua monumento Faiano 

Statua, Saint-Brendan-USA 

Presbiterio, St. Williams Naples (USA) 

Acquasantiera, St. Williams Naples (USA) 

Pulpito, St. Williams Naples (USA) 

Tabernacolo, St. Williams Naples (USA) 

Bassorilievo Ultima Cena