Modern Sculpture

Jeddah - COEUR

Since ever the A.M.A. workshop follows the evolution of the contemporary marble sculpture, realising works of modern sculpture.
Strong in the several years and consolidated experience in the marble working field, today the production of the modern sculptures has become one of our most important activities.
Thanks to the collaboration with important international renown sculptors, we are specialised also in the production of big size works, caring every stages of the realisation and, eventually, the installation too.
As a mark of continuity and craft exclusivity, we realise the expert works by the traditional technique of the fixing points from the model or eventually enlargements by the compass technique.

We have worked for:Arturo Martini, Alberto Viani, Hanry Moore, Augustin Cardenas, Pierre SchumannHans Arp,  Roberto Bricalli, Patrick Crombé, Gheorgi Filin, Francesco Siani, Fabrizio Dieci, Roberto Tagliazucchi, Antonio Di Tommaso, Daniel Kafri, Dominique Raiu, Hans e Maria Ruchker, Peter Herbrich, Gerson Fehrenbach, Jesper Neergaard, Emma De Sigaldi, Etienne Desmet.

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Solar Wind Surfer di Jesper Neergard, Rio de Janeiro 

Coeur di Etienne Desmet, Jeddah 

Sail di Gheorghi Filin 

Opera di Augustin Cardenas 

Opera di Ceccobelli 

Opera di Pierre Schumann, Amburgo 

Opera Sail in laboratorio, Georghi Filin 

Iceberg di Gheorghi Filin, Livorno 

Opera di Augustin Cardenas 

Opera di Jeremie Cretol 

Gheorghi Filin, Taiwan 

Elaborazione opera di Neergard 

Opera di Luigi Rigo 

Scultura di Charles Pebworth 

Opera di Augustin Cardenas 

Opere di Michele Carafa, Termoli 

Particolare seduta di Michele Carafa, Termoli 

Particolare Solar Wind Surfer di Jesper Neergard, Rio de Janeiro